4/14/2017 (Week 8)

Updates: Its starting to get hot outside and the cucumbers are in direct sunlight and looked heat exhausted so I put up a tarp to give them shade. They are much happier now!

Both squash plants got fresh buckets with new water+nutrients and I even trimmed the roots, one of the roots I cut off about 6 inches the other I cut off about 3-inches. A few hours later the 6-inch trim did not look very great. Its not totally dead but its not looking good. we shall see.

My Buddy also brought me ~6 week old Bibb lettuce plants (x3) which I put in new bucket (2) and a gallon jug, since my Bibb lettuce plant is almost at the end of its useful life. We still love going to the backyard and cutting lettuce for dinner.

In addition we have picked our 5th and 6th cucumbers and each one is more delicious then the last. We have 3 more medium cucumbers on the vine that will need to be picked in a few days and several more small ones starting out (see pics).

Both Squash plants got new buckets with about 2.5gallons fresh water+nutrient solution. The three cucumber buckets each got a fill-up of about 1.5gallons each. I am also finally getting some new seeds to sprout. Soon I will be adding a Jalapeño plant, another Bell Pepper plant and some spinach to new buckets. That’s all this week folks. Stay Fresh!

Enjoy the pics!


3/24/2017 (Week 5)

Updates: We have 9 Squash (I triple counted them), one is about 6-inches, two are about 4 inches and the rest are still about 2-inches. It’s very sweet! In a few more days the squash should be ready to eat. I had five buckets of Bell Peppers, however two of the bell peppers them vanished from the buckets. I assume a bird or something got them, its ashamed, but they were the newest planted and therefore smallest. I now have two buckets ready for something. The cucumbers are getting much larger and I see a few TINY cucumbers. It should be interesting week seeing the cucumbers grow. Lastly, I added 1 gal nutrient solution to each Squash plant as they were super low.


Update on 3/17/2017 (Week 4)

We got into the 40’s at night the last few nights and one squash plant had two leaves turn dark green, likely weather related. I also filled up both squash plants with 1 gallon water each and moved them for more space. In moving them I re-adjusted / moved the cucumber plants so they had more space as well. Added the last two pepper plants that I will be growing this season. Total 5 pepper buckets, 6 total peppers. Pics attached below.