3/31/2017 (Week 6)

This week has been interesting, as its been getting hotter here in central florida and the plants have matured more, I’ve been watering them more frequent. Both squash got 1.5 gallons on Monday then another 1gallon on Wednesday (for safe measures). The cucumbers have a lot of algae growth so I added H202 (29% Hydrogen peroxide) purchased from a local hydro-garden store. For Two of the Three of the Cucumber plants, the roots were covered in Algea so I lifted them out (carefully) from the bucket, and sprayed them with the water hose to get most of the algae off. I then cleaned some of the algae off the sides of the buckets with a few paper towels, before adding the recommended 3ml/gallon of hydrogen peroxide.

Each Squash plant has at least 7 small squash, however some had started rotting so I cut them. There are about 4 squash that are medium sized that might be perfect to pick in a few days. The Florida heat is starting to get above 90’s so I can also see the plants getting overheated, but I will keep an eye on that. The Bibb lettuce is on the side of the house in the shade and is doing great, we’ve actually used it several times for taco’s and other dinner time additions.



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