Update on 3/17/2017 (Week 4)

We got into the 40’s at night the last few nights and one squash plant had two leaves turn dark green, likely weather related. I also filled up both squash plants with 1 gallon water each and moved them for more space. In moving them I re-adjusted / moved the cucumber plants so they had more space as well. Added the last two pepper plants that I will be growing this season. Total 5 pepper buckets, 6 total peppers. Pics attached below.


3 thoughts on “Update on 3/17/2017 (Week 4)”

    1. The sand is yes, however I am not growing in any dirt, its all hydroponics so its in 5-gallon buckets of water+nutrients. No Soil Needed. No watering Needed! It’s been very successful so far.


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