Update: Post 2/22/17 Rain Storm

A Rain Storm hit us throughout the entire day on 2/22/2017. I am glad that the 5-gallon tubs were mostly protected by the circular weatherproofed cardboard cutouts I had made a a week earlier because that did a great job at preventing water from getting inside the buckets. None of the 5-gallon buckets had any extra water inside. The water in the two Squash tubs (#1,#2) actually looked about half cm lower. However, when measuring the PH level in each tub, it was a little too high., likely due to storm or UV light, so I added a bit of PH-down to bring the ph down to 5.5, to be on the safe side. I also observed all the 5-gallon tubs were a bit dirty, especially at bottom of the bucket. It looked like the entire bottom of the bucket was lined with a clay-colored powder, likely from the roots moving or knocking the clay off the hydro-clay-rocks keeping the plant in place.

Lettuce, no bueno. The lettuce did not have any cardboard covering it and the way the bucket lid is designed, water from the rain pooled atop the bucket and the lettuce and net pots were basically drowning in water. I Emptied it out the excess water and also noticed the bottom of the lettuce bucket also clay colored and very dirty with debris. I will be making another customized waterproofed cardboard box sit onto of the lettuce tub  to prevent rain from entering lettuce or pooling it.

RIP #5 cucumber plant. A few weeks ago it was removed by an animal, and I think it was removed again or maybe the rain messed with it, the root was no longer inside the clay and the plant was pretty dead looking with no roots really… let’s just say the plant looked really bad. It was a goner so I threw it away. Now I will have an extra free’d up bucket for a total of 5 more buckets that I will use for the green bell peppers which are currently being grown via seeded in dirt. They should be ready in about 5-7 days. That’s all the updates I have today.


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