Cappa Gardens Begins – 2/23/17 – Setup (Week1)

Using my home boy’s system and setup we will be gardening a little differently this year, using a Hydrophonics setup consisting of 5-gallon buckets donated from local restaurants.

The purpose is to save on water (or water waste) and cut down on weeds, and other maintance that is normally required with a soil based garden.

What are we growing?

– Squash
– Cucumber
– Green Peppers
– Lettuce

Here’s what it looks like:

For week 1 we setup one 3.5 gallon  tub with 2 lettuce plans, 2x 5-gallon tub with  squash, and 3x 5-gallon tub with cucumbers. A few days later when another cucumber plant was ready I added one more. Surrounding each tub with dirt sticking out of the ground about a foot and then surrounding it with a cage.



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